Hello, I’m John Doe. An amatuer photographer & Bloger

Hi Friends! A very warm good morning to all of you out there! This is Annie for you. It is a wonderful morning and I just finished my morning exercise. You know it really feels great when you make it a habit to get up from bed early in the morning and get started with all your daily activities. You feel fresh and also do not run out of time. I hope most of my friends wake up from bed early in the morning. If not, do make it a habit.

I welcome you all to my blog, which is in fact a collection of my thoughts. In other words, you can say that my blog highlights some of the things that I have achieved in life, or certain things that I feel have made my life better. No, friends, I am definitely not here to teach or preach, but simply wish to share with you some milestones, some thoughts along my journey of life.

As we women grow up and take up different responsibilities at different phases of life as a daughter, a mother or a spouse, our personality undergoes a transformation, more so as we go through varied experiences in life. Talking of life, I must say that it has always been and will always be the most beautiful gift from God. To enjoy life and to make the most of it, you need to be physically as well as mentally sound.

As you go through the different thoughts that I have shared in my blog, you will definitely come to know a lot about me, my lifestyle in general and my approach in life. That’s not my point; the main thing is I want all of you to stay happy and healthy, and achieve those little goals in life with each coming day that would lead you to your higher aim. After all, we all lead our life with a purpose, isn’t it?

I have talked much; now let me tell you something about myself. Obviously before you go on to read my blog, it would definitely be great to know who I am and what I do. Well, right now I am a personal blogger who loves like anything to share her thoughts with people across the globe. A doting wife to a loving husband, and a devoted mother to a lovely two-year old daughter, I spend most of my time with my family

By profession I am an interior designer, and have worked for five years in a multi-national company. I left my job after my child was born, but off course, I did not leave my vocation, my passion for interior decoration. I still work on this domain, and help out my family, friends and acquaintances whenever I can. And that’s how I am, I love life, I love people, the main force that has driven me to become a blogger.

So, friends, I heartily welcome you to my blog, and sincerely hope that my thoughts and ideas would be of some use to you. Signing off with that! Have a good day, today and always!