How I Used Simple Tricks to Get Rid of Smelly Feet


I just cannot forget those days when I had to turn off my nose like anything when my husband used to take off his shoes after coming back home. It really became such a serious problem that I knew that I had to do something about it.

But what exactly was I supposed to do?
I asked my friends and some of my cousins whether they faced this problem. At first it seemed a bit silly to ask such question and solicit a solution, but asking really helped. I got some tips from them, and clubbed some of the things I got from my usual magazine reading habit and internet search.

After practical application of these tips, now I can see that, the smelly problem is gone to a great extent. This evening when my husband came back, I did not get even a bit of smell. I feel that there are many suffering from this problem of smelly feet and the tips which I will share now will definitely help you in dealing with this often ignored, yet quite serious problem.

So, here we go fixing smelly feet all the way!

Washing the feet daily

My eldest cousin told me this one; she still washes her feet every day whenever she comes back home from outside. My husband and I have also started following this habit.

It is good to use warm water to wash the feet because it is more effective as well as makes you feel more comfortable. Along with warm water, you can also use an antibacterial soap or a deodorant soap.
Using a hair dryer

Does it sound weird? There is nothing wrong if you feel that it is a weird idea; even I felt the same when I heard of it the first time. But when one of my friends told me that she had got this suggestion from a podiatrist, I knew there’s got to be something in it. And I can honestly say that it really worked!

I came to know that nail fungus is one of the major causes of smelly foot, and if you subject your feet to a hair dryer turned at low to moderate temperature, you can reduce the level of moisture and do away with certain infections (which causes the smell). So now my hair dryer is a feet dryer too!
Going for a foot rub with good fragrance

Lavender oil is a great thing to try out as a foot rub, because it not only has a wonderful smell but also kills bacteria. Just take a few drops of lavender oil and rub over your feet before you go to sleep. Believe me, it’s really like an aromatherapy and the smell gives you a good night’s sleep. It would be better if you can put on socks for covering your feet. I hope oil causes no irritation to your skin; do check for it by first putting a small drop.

Taking care of your socks and shoes
Never wear the same socks more than a single day, otherwise whatever you do, you will never ever get rid of the smell on your feet. So after you have used your socks for a day, do remember to replace them with a clean pair. Every day I make sure that my husband does this, otherwise I get really mad!

After you have worn your shoes, keep them in an open space and let some fresh air circulate within them for at least a day. It’s best if you have two or more shoes. Do not keep smelling shoes within some dark closet because in that case, they will smell more due to bacterial growth. Keep them in an area which is ventilated and receives bright light.

Trying out footbath with black tea
This is a very specialized treatment suggested to me by one of my husband’s colleagues who regularly visits a dermatologist. First I take two cups of water and then boil two tea bags in the water for around 15 to 20 minutes. Then I remove the bags and then add some more water so that the tea gets diluted. Once the mixture cools, we soak our feet in it for approximately half an hour.