My Practical Guide to a Wonderful and Happy Morning


Hi, all of you! Good Morning! As I sip over a cup of coffee, I feel like talking to you about the morning. To be clear, it’s not exactly about the morning, but about morning woes. Yes, I used to suffer from a lot of morning woes, but now I have overcome them to a great extent. And do you want to know what helped me wake up to a bright morning? Small tips from my parents, my friends, and off course my dear husband. There was a time, when I felt like sticking to the bed all through the morning, but now hopefully, I do wake up in the morning, and here am I saying Good Morning to you all over again.

When I first spoke about this problem to my mom, the first thing she told me was “Relax! There are many like you who hate mornings, but if you are willing you can always get over it.” My mom had read in an online magazine that if you retire to the bed keeping the window curtain a bit open, the rays of the sun falling on your body will signal your brain to power you up, because it’s time to get up. I tried it out; at first it was difficult and boring, but gradually I found myself almost half awake when the alarm rings. Even now I maintain this habit of leaving the curtains somewhat open.

Talking of alarm, perhaps this is one of the first things that people with morning blues would like to break and throw off. I had the habit of setting my alarm at the exact time when I needed to get up. So, either I would jump from bed extremely irritated at the very sound of the alarm or simply ask my husband to snooze or stop it, thereby getting late for the day’s activities. My husband dear is simply great to bear with me!

He asked me to try out setting the alarm around 20 minutes before the required time, because when the alarm rings, I would be mentally prepared to start off the day. It really worked! As the rays of the sun fall on me, I become a bit active and with the ringing of the alarm, I am mentally prepared to get up. That way, I no longer have to rush for breakfast or get ready hurriedly if I am going out.

Do you read motivational quotes? It is a great way to start off your morning nicely and with a lot of enthusiasm. Just before sharing my thoughts with you, I read this quote which says “Arise! Awake and Stop Not until the Goal is Reached”. This quote by famous Indian personality Swami Vivekananda is a perfect one for the morning. What if we set goals for every single day, and retire to bed only when all these small goals are achieved? Sounds good, right?

Finally, I would like to tell you that mornings are not for taking decisions but to act upon decisions taken the night before. So from what food to eat to what activities to complete, decide it the night before.