Power Up Your Self Confidence and Become a Strong Individual


Being confident not only gives you a good feeling, it also attracts the admiration of others and inspires them. Confidence inculcates in you the faith that you would be able to tide over every obstacle that comes your way. It’s indeed an amazing experience when you see the positivity in everything, even when all is not going well. Try out some of these smart tips and you definitely can build such confidence that will make you feel capable of doing everything.

Stop pestering yourself
Just ask yourself one question: ‘What is the most horrible thing that could happen to me?’ More often than not, we place a lot (in fact, lots and lots) of importance on potential issues, which are in reality non-existent. The point is, we all possess a certain energy level, and our job is to invest that energy wisely. Instead of worrying about problems and wasting that energy, the best thing is to utilize that in building careers, meeting goals and creating rewarding relationships.

Say bye-bye to negativity and welcome positivity
For this you need to do some homework, in evaluating your family, friends and all the others who are a part of your inner circle. You may find it extremely difficult, but you need to seriously consider shunning those individuals who reduce your confidence level and put you down. Maybe you need a break from your seemingly aristocratic friend who flaunts his riches at every party, or that snob aunt who always tries to prove that her son is far better than you.

Whenever you are interacting with people, bring in some positive enthusiasm. Stop thinking too much about your problems and never lose focus on how to make positive changes.

Pull yourself out of that all-so-cozy comfort zone
The ultimate motto is think you can, and you will. Start doing the things you feel you cannot do. The perimeter of your comfort zone would definitely increase. You may begin with something small (even tiny would do) each day, which will pave the path to achieve something bigger eventually. Just unleash your powers and feel that you are unstoppable. Take the first step without any hesitation!

Understand that it is okay to be afraid
It is absolutely normal to be afraid. The only thing you should take care is that the fear should not weaken you from within. Rest assured that just because you recognize your fears, they will not come true. So, do not avoid facing the fears, but rather acknowledge and address them. Your confidence will be boosted to a great extent simply by making a note of your fears and what steps you would be taking to mitigate them.

Give a makeover to your image and body language
Eye contact, smiling, posture and speech play a significant role in giving others the impression that you have immense confidence. A smile on your part will make others around you feel comfortable and also help you feel charged up. Just think of a person with a smile and a friendly posture, and immediately you will judge him as being self-confident.

When you are speaking to a person, look at him and not at your shoes (you haven’t done anything wrong!). If you maintain eye contact and also speak slowly, you will feel more confident and also give the impression that you are a very self-confident person. Also take time to groom yourself properly. You do not need to be a beauty queen or an extremely handsome guy. Keep yourself clean and well-maintained and others will have a great feeling about you.

Accept compliments, and learn from criticisms
Compliments are indeed great! When somebody gives you a compliment, give them a big thank you. Wait! Your job is not over. Ask them for further details, meaning, for what exactly they are giving you the compliment. If you achieve something, do not hesitate to recognize it and celebrate this achievement through rewarding yourself as well as communicating your feat to family and friends.

If compliments are there, criticisms will also be, since every individual has a different perspective regarding the world, and what clicks for somebody may not go well with someone else. The criticism is the opinion of that someone else. When you receive criticism, be assertive instead of being defensive in replying and take care that your self-esteem is not lowered by the criticism. Carefully understand the criticism and utilize it as a means to learn and improve.

Make the first step a usual one
Well, what does that mean? When you are doing something for the very first time, it is natural to feel a low confidence level. To overcome this feeling, imagine that you have already done that particular thing previously. Close your eyes and experience that you have succeeded like anything at what you are actually going to do for the first time. It is true that the mind does not have the capability to differentiate between something that is imagined and something that is real. So, there lays the route to succeed!

Be prepared for failure but do not accept it
Preparation for failure is wise but being bogged down by it is really foolish. If you are prepared for the worst, your self-confidence level will soar. But if failure occurs, never give up. There is a solution to everything, and it is your duty to find that solution without giving up.
Low self-confidence is often the result of negative thoughts that fill your mind, always telling you that you are not good enough. Change this negativity to a positive affirmation and feel the difference as your self-confidence boosts.