Innovative Ways I Found Out to Get My Kitchen Organized


Today was a great day for me. There were a lot of guests in my house, and I loved cooking for them, sharing wonderful thoughts with them, and also playing with the kids. While cooking in the kitchen, I just remembered how it used to be quite disorganized when I was a newly married woman. But gradually I applied some of my interior designing acumen, a bit of common sense along with some suggestions from other ladies who happen to be closely connected to me. Now my kitchen is extremely organized, thanks to all the suggestions I received and my own ideas which I applied.

I hope my readers would definitely apply these ideas to give their kitchen a boost. If you are inspired by these ideas, do try them out.

Taking care of the things in the junk drawer
I can now proudly tell you that my junk drawer is more organized because I make use of small lidded containers for anything and everything I store there. I buy lidded containers at a cheap rate and now my junk drawers hold strings, twist ties, rubber bands and different hardware, each category of item having its own container. Most of the containers that I use have transparent lids. This procedure not only keeps things clean, but also helps me find things within a very short time.

Just the day before yesterday, my husband was leaving for office and he could not find his stapler pins. Rather than helping him find the pins which would possibly have taken a lot of time, I simply took a bunch out from the junk drawer and gave it to him.

Storing measuring spoons
You know I found this idea in someone’s blog (I do not exactly remember which blog it was). My measuring spoons are stored in a little glass jar just beside my oven. It really looks great and also helps me take out any spoon easily whenever I need it.

Using magnets
Do you want to know how I keep my parchment paper, wax paper and plastic wrap boxes ready for use? I simply take rare earth magnets and tape them to the inside of the boxes, and then attach the boxes to any of the fridge sides. This serves a two-fold purpose. On one hand, I can easily grab them whenever required, and on the other hand, they do not take up any extra space in my cabinet and drawer.

Utilizing a magazine holder for the cutting board
You might find it a bit funny, but this helps a lot in keeping the boards in an accessible position. Yes, you can always buy any cutting board rack from the market, but that will cost you much more than a magazine holder. Believe it or not, it is a wonderful thing to put up in the kitchen.

Storing cooking instructions
What do you do when you have to store cooking instructions for certain food preparations? I have seen that some of my friends are into the habit of storing these instructions piled up in some less frequented corner of the kitchen, only to search for them wildly when the actual need arises. My aunt told me a very easy way of storing cooking instructions. I simply put the instructions or a portion of the packaging within the relevant transparent glass jar in which I keep the food (mostly dry food or the powdered form). In this way the instruction becomes handy and I can read it easily.

Making use of adhesive hooks
From the cabinet drawers to the sides of the upper cabinets, I make use of adhesive hooks almost everywhere. These easily removable adhesive hooks allow me to hang anything I like. Yes, by anything, I mean anything! This gives me a lot of relief given the fact that my kitchen’s storage capacity is minimal.

Keeping baking powder containers for future use
I always store baking powder containers so that I can use them for something else in future. I clean them thoroughly, re-label them and use them for keeping flour, sugar, salt or baking powder again. These containers occupy very little space in my drawers, and when I need the stuff, I do not have to take the pains of taking out the bigger containers.