Yes, You Can be Optimistic If You Want To!


Many people house the notion that an optimistic attitude is an innate quality. This is not true. Optimism is a mental state; in fact it is a skill that you need to develop. If you are facing failures or any other woes in life, you might feel that an optimistic attitude is unattainable. Coming out of this negative mindset is difficult, but not impossible. Here we bring to you some simple tips that will help you to become an optimistic person, who is ready to face all odds of life.

Get up early
“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” This famous Benjamin Franklin quote is true in every sense. Those who are early risers and spend considerable amount of time in the sun tend to be healthier, more productive and happier. According to Mirjam Munch, Swiss researcher, if you spend time in natural sunlight, your morale and productivity would be enhanced. This is turn goes a long way in making you more optimistic.

Remember that you can always change your life
Most of us have the feeling that we are stuck with the same habits and changing is impossible. However, in reality it is not so if you really give a try. Maybe you would be unable to change your life exactly the way you wish to. But, you must analyze where you stand at present and work with what you possess now.

Even if a small positive change is possible, go ahead and make it. This small change will help to boost your confidence and optimism, and you can use that change as a foundation to usher in more such positive changes in your life.

Set goals for yourself
If you feel that your life is standing still with each passing day, there are high chances that pessimism and depression would creep in. One of the most effective means to be more optimistic is to set goals, both long-term and short-term ones.

Starting from health goals to career based targets, if you have a milestone to reach, it would be enough to boost your positivity and keep you motivated. After all, if you succeed in achieving a personal goal, it is one of the most gratifying feelings that you can imagine, and contributes a lot in making you a positive person.

Exercise on a daily basis
Exercising daily helps in deeper sleep, gives you increased amount of energy during daytime, along with a magnificent feeling of self-confidence which you can solely build up by improving yourself. Scientists have found out that individuals who indulge in daily exercise are more positive, motivated and productive.

Cater to your personal needs first
Whenever we are with family or close friends, it is a natural human tendency to think about others first. Although it might sound selfish, you need to put yourself at the top of your priority list. If you take care of yourself initially, you will have the required optimism, energy and enthusiasm to share with others.

Do not be afraid of failure
If you fear failure, it will hold you back. It is true that when a pestering doubt lies in your mind that you would fail at a particular attempt, you indeed refrain from devoting the requisite amount of focus and energy to make that particular attempt successful.

The vital factor that would help you get rid of this fear is the understanding that you will lose little if you fall short of achieving your goals. Remember that you will not be in a worse situation; your position would be the same as you are in at present. The moment you stop becoming anxious about failure, your natural positivity would come out. You will move ahead to achieve your goals and would in a way become more successful than you have ever imagined.

Take obstacles as challenges
Both in your personal and professional life, you should not avoid something just because it is very difficult. This avoiding mindset can be very risky as it will make you an unhappy, pessimistic person.
An old Zen proverb rightly says that ‘The obstacle is the path’. Consider all obstacles that come your way as challenges, and think of the hardships in your life as testing phases that would make you stronger and keep you more focused.

Be friends with people who are happy
If you are surrounded by people who are motivated, positive and focused, automatically you will land up adopting their behaviors and attitudes. On the contrary, if you have negative people around, you will soon experience pessimism. Therefore, when you indulge in socializing take care to ensure that you spend your valuable time with people who are happy. Carefully observe how your colleagues or friends behave and if you find anyone immersed in negativity, spend as little time as possible with him or her.

Perform yoga
Yoga indeed has a lot of benefits. From increasing your flexibility to triggering stress relief, practicing yoga everyday goes a long way in helping you chill out, enhance your personal focus and build up a positive attitude.

It is a fact that daily practitioners of yoga experience lesser amount of stress, and feel more energized and optimistic than those who do not practice yoga. Even if you take part in a short yoga session of 15 to 20 minutes, it will help in reducing your stress. Once your stress level is brought down, you will definitely feel more optimistic.