How I Made My Living Room a Heaven for All


Today I really feel wonderful! You know why? For a long time I was thinking of doing something with my living room to make it more attractive and lively. I was really fed up with the boring place and finally started discussing with my husband as to how we can renovate this place. This was about two months ago, and after that we worked really hard to put our living room in shape.

And the result was cool! Guys, I can’t wait to share with you what we did and how our living room became a heaven for both our guests and ourselves.

  • Our living room was painted around three years, and the paints were used randomly. Somehow I had started feeling that the colors are not suiting all the other things. So, just three days back, we got the room painted, light blue and green, to give it a unique look and also made the room seem brighter. The result is simply great. Now, as I sit in my armchair, I get a warm feeling and the colors look quite neutral and matching.
  • One of the most serious issues about my living room that was plaguing me is that I could sense that my living room was not having enough open space. I am not saying that we had a stuffy room overflowing with furniture and all other things. But I wanted a more organized open space. There were some very old broken stools and a table in a corner, which we got rid of, because they were no longer in use. Then we pushed some furniture to that corner and arranged a small shelf and a tea table in a central island. This left us with good amount of open space.
  • For a considerable period of time, I was thinking hard about doing something with the living room lighting. One of my neighbors has track lighting in her living room, and I have copied that in my living room too. On the whole, it looks great when certain areas are highlighted. I have also bought a new table lamp along with a few floor lamps to add some extra glamour and charm. Oh guys, I would like to suggest putting lamps away from television, since you will get excessive brightness.
  • Just last week, I read somewhere that use of varied shaped are good for the aesthetic beauty of the living room. Our windows and sofas are rectangular, so I have used round pillows. My husband has purchased some cone-shaped sculptures which we have put in two of the corners. We can see that they gel well with the entire getup of the living room.

Hope you would surely like the way I have changed my living room. Now it feels like a happy place! I am also planning to decorate the mantel of the fireplace with something that matches with the design of the living room as well as the entire home. Today I will bring some fresh flowers and put some over the tea table and some over the mantel.