Smart Gardening Tips That Can Save You Time and Money


You must be wondering why suddenly I want to talk to you about gardening. Actually, it’s my fault. I did not tell you before that one of my favorite hobbies is gardening. But yes, I know that maintaining a vegetable or a flower garden can take a lot of your time and demand a large portion of your wallet too.

Being into gardening for years, I have seen that certain things can bring down your gardening budget and also save the time that you spend on your gardening activity.

Some money saving gardening ideas
Let me first come up with a disclaimer policy; hope you don’t mind! I am not a professional gardener, just a person with some experience in gardening. Whatever I am sharing here are things that have helped me save money on gardening, and I really hope that these things will be of great help to you too.

Do you drink beer? If you do not drink, no problem at all! I am not here to talk about beer drinking. I just want to tell you that thirsty slugs love beer like anything and therefore it is easier to trap them in saucers of beer. So, take an empty margarine tub, bury it in the soil in such a manner that the rim is in line with the soil surface. Pour in beer and leave the tub overnight; you will be delighted to find that slugs have crawled in and got drowned. Replace the tub with fresh beer every alternate day.

I am into the habit of using a lot of cuttings and seeds to grow plants. If you are like me, you would also need a large number of labels. You can either purchase them in bulk from seed companies or greenhouse supply places, or make your own labels using yogurt cups or milk jugs. You can also clean up old labels and re-use them (actually this is one of the smartest ways!). Simply scrub the old labels with soapy water or steel wool and all previous printing or writing will go away instantly.

If your yard has an old tree stump, the majority of you would love to remove it. Removal comes at a considerable cost. So, to save some bucks, you can transform that old tree stump into a planter. Through natural process, the old trumps gradually start decaying and this will provide a fertile foundation for ferns and other attractive plants. I unleash all my creativity and plant annual vines and flowers that fill the entire area with their beauty and wonderful color.

Just do this simple thing. Extract a small bit of the wood at the top portion of the stump so that there is room for rooting. Pour soil mix in this area, which is suitable for the plants you would be planting here. After planting, do not forget to water as required, because it is important to ensure that the soil has adequate moisture.

Interesting gardening tips that save time
You cannot ignore the fact that gardening requires some amount of time commitment from your end. But there are certain things that can help you bring down the time you spend, without taking a toll on your commitment.

Composting is one of the most effective methods in boosting the quality of soil. If you are facing time constraint and cannot make compost pile on your own, the town or city hall service department can help you out. Usually the compost, made up of grass clipping and leaves, comes free of cost or is quite affordable.

Be careful enough to pick those plants for your garden which require low maintenance. Again, if you properly prepare the soil, the plants would not require watering at frequent intervals.

Also, it would be wise to get your garden ready for the winter, because in this way you can save on gardening time during the spring season. Cut the plants which have decayed and died owing to frost and to prevent any pests from spreading disease, all the debris should be done away with. Add lime and organic material to the soil along with a fresh mulch layer.

Finally, I would like to tell you that while buying seeds go for large sized ones, because they store more food and are more convenient to grow.