Healthy Foods Which Can Wonderfully Save You on a Road Trip


While getting ready for a road trip, there is indeed a lot on your checklist, which often makes you forget about the food to pack. The thought of food strikes once you become hungry, say when you are midway on your trip. Sadly, most of the times, you have no option but to buy some unhealthy snacks. To tide over such a situation, I always keep my food packet ready before starting off my road trip.

One of the main things to consider while on a road trip is that you should not get sick during your journey. To ensure that I am hale, hearty and energetic, there are a few foods on which I depend. Here’s sharing them with you; hoping that you remain fresh and happy throughout your trip, however long it might be.

Herbal Tea
When you are traveling on the road, there is high possibility that you can get dehydrated, especially when you are driving on your own and it’s the summer season. So, instead of focusing on your playlist while driving, get yourself some plain water or, as I would like to have it, herbal tea. I just take a reusable water bottle and drop some decaffeinated, herbal bags in it, after which I pour in some cold water. It really makes for a wonderful cold brew during your travel.

Veggies and Dip
You do not need to prepare much for this. Simply munch and crunch on cut-up, raw vegetables. That’s what keeps me awake and alert when the trip seems to get monotonous. I toss broccoli florets, celery sticks, carrot sticks and other such miscellaneous veggie items within an airtight container or a zip-top bag. With that I also carry a small container containing yogurt dip that I buy from the store.

A Sandwich on the way
When my husband and I go for trips that are extra long, we always make it a point to pack something substantial, and what can be better than a sandwich with fresh mozzarella and veggies. I would suggest that if you are not carrying a cooler with you, include such ingredients in your sandwich that stay well at room temperature. I consider including some roasted red peppers and fresh mozzarella.

Roasted Almonds
My experience tells me that if you have salted almonds while on a trip, it might cause dehydration. So, the best thing is to carry roasted almonds that are unsalted. There is another benefit of carrying roasted almond. If you are the only driver throughout the entire trip, this can be the most wonderful one-handed snack that you can munch on from your driver’s seat.

Undoubtedly, fruits constitute the best snack in any journey. If you are keen on having finger-friendly fruits during your journey, try out grapes and berries. I always like to prepare the fruits to carry during a trip by washing them thoroughly and then slicing them. For keeping the fruits fresh and cool, I always make sure to carry them in an insulated cooler.