Great Tips to Remain Happy at Your Workplace


Currently I work from home, but before my child was born, I used to go to office regularly. Now why am I telling you this? As I was thinking of what to talk about, I suddenly felt like asking my readers a question- are you happy at your workplace? On a bigger level, this might be a serious human resource research area, but I am not here to talk about psychology or laws, but simply point out to you some simple things in life. Yes, these are the things that contribute significantly in creating happiness in the workplace.

Have a nest of your own
If birds can have nests in trees, why can’t human beings have nests in their offices? Jokes apart, when we go to office, we do spend a lot of time there (unless you are a hardcore sales person always into outdoor sales!). So, what’s wrong in decorating the area where we sit, if we can make ourselves relaxed and comfortable by doing so? But, yes, while unleashing your creative spirit to decorate your workplace, make sure that you do not go against any company policy.

Make a best friend at work
I remember how Jennifer and I used to have our small chit-chats during the small tea breaks and the lunch time that we spent together. Two years have passed since I left office, and Jennifer and I have always been in touch since then. If there is someone at the workplace whom you can call a best friend, you will definitely find your productivity increase. Your boss would love you for that!

Smile your way through
Smile always, be it at your office or any other situation because this beautiful curve can indeed set a lot of things straight. In fact, smile is a signal that conveys the message to your brain that it should be happy. And one more thing! Smiling is very infectious; so if you put on a smile, it can make your colleagues smile too.

I had this trainee Julie, whom I have never ever seen without a smile, throughout my office tenure. You can understand from the very sight of the smile that she was not faking it, but it was a very natural one.

Don’t be a storehouse of personal problems at office
When you have personal problems, it means that they are personal and not official. I know it might be difficult, because when you are facing any issues at home, an emotional tumult goes within, that you often can’t leave behind when you come to office. But these issues only result in getting you more stressed at work. Whenever I used to have personal problems, I used to share them with my husband so that they could be sorted out at least to a certain extent before I am leaving for office. Try sharing your problems with a family member before leaving for work; it really helps.

Always look forward
This is very important, because a futuristic attitude can have a great positive impact in your career. If some issue happens at the workplace concerning you, do not be disheartened, but keep in mind your long-term goals and plans.