Paving the Road to Emotional Well Being in Daily Life


Hi everybody! I just wanted to ask you something. What does wellness mean to you? I know many of you will say that wellness revolves around staying healthy and fit, eating good food, maintaining personal hygiene, and so on. Yes, all of these are true, but I feel these are just a part of what wellness implies. In fact, the point is that you can say you are well when you are both emotionally and physically sound.

Let me clarify. What I want to say is that your emotional health is as important as your physical health. In simple words, staying emotionally healthy means staying contented, staying happy and enjoying life.

You will definitely agree when I say that one of main things that drain our emotional well being is the anxiety that we continually house regarding the future. I am not saying that it is bad to plan about the future. There is a saying that you should lead every day of your life as if tomorrow never exists. But I personally feel that this phrase is more dramatic than practical. Practically some amount of planning must be there for the future, but you must not get too much obsessed about the future and ignore the present. Remember, only the milestones of the present can lead you to the future.

Let me share with you how I try to make each day of my life emotionally refreshing.

Enjoying every day
It is a very common thing to say but very difficult to practice. Many of you, at least for some time in a day, worry about what will happen next. I always make it a point to enjoy each and every day of my life, both when I am at work and when I spend some leisure time.

In order to be happy at work, you must do what you love. I took up a career in interior designing out of my simple yet profound love for decorating households. And even right now, I am doing what I love to do, that is, expressing my feelings and experiences to others through writing.

Another thing that I would like to tell you is that in order to keep yourself emotionally sound every day, you must stop waiting. Stop waiting for what? Let me explain. It is normal to strive for betterment but we should not wait for something to come our way in order to become happy. Every day should be enjoyed.

Going step by step
I just love Lao Tzu’s quote that a thousand miles’ journey starts with a single step. Like every human being, I too have king size goals and ambitions, but I also know that it would be a mistake to want everything in a single day. I have to work towards my goal, little by little, and stay away from the normal human tendency of procrastination.

Another disadvantage of having big goals is that, we are often too afraid to try to attain them and hence they remain just unachievable goals. But believe me, you can always make progress towards your goal if you achieve small (very small, you can say) components of it every single day. Even if you try to improve by 1% every single day, just imagine how far you can achieve in a month. So make a resolution to become 1% more productive, healthier and happier today than the day before.

Stick to the daily good habits
Yes, I understand that it is better said than done. Sometimes our ongoing struggle makes us deviate from our daily good habits. For instance, at times when you feel that your schedule for a particular day is too hectic, you might tell yourself- “What if I don’t exercise today? Let me exercise tomorrow”. Remember one thing, when this procrastination becomes a habit, we can never attain mental happiness. So, stop giving yourself excuses and retain your daily good habits.

Exercise your brain every day. You may try out Sudoku like me, but if that is not your cup of tea, you may go for various other brain teasers, quizzes and crosswords. Also, make sure to celebrate your successes, however small they might be. This is itself is a great emotional exercise.