How I Make Sure That My Home is Cool without Using Air Conditioner


After you are over with a busy day’s work, sitting in a room with the air conditioner switched on indeed gives you a wonderful feeling. But however hi-tech your air conditioner is and whatever the amount of energy that it has the capability of saving, your monthly electricity bill will definitely increase considerably with an air conditioner.

Apart from using the ceiling or the table fan, there are other ways too to keep your room cool without turning that AC on. These are quite effective, as I have found out.

Take care of the doors
If you are smart enough to keep the rooms open, it will allow the cool air to circulate within the room. This is especially effective during the night hours which are cooler. So, your job is to ensure that air flows naturally across your entire house.

Maintain the blinds in a closed condition
I have read somewhere that around 30% of the unnecessary heat enters your house through the windows. By making use of curtains, shades and such other things, you can bring down the temperature within your house by as much as 20 degrees and save as much as 7% on your electricity bill. Now that’s something really great, isn’t it? The main point is that by closing the blinds, you can prevent your house from turning into a simulated greenhouse, particularly if you have west facing and south facing windows.

Do some creativity with your fan
Well, here we come back to the good old fan, but this time with a difference. Let me tell you that your air conditioner can never give you an artificial sea breeze, but the fan can, if you are a little bit creative with it. Fill ice in a mixing bowl and then position the same in front of a big fan at a suitable angle, so that you get air at an additionally misty and extra chilled temperature. It really feels magical!

Swap those bed sheets
I know that you are aware that any room can be freshened up by switching up the bed sheets occasionally. But do you know that this small action on your part can also help to keep the room cool? Textiles such as fleece blankets and flannel sheets are great at insulation, but compared to this cotton is more effective since it remains cooler and aids easy breathing.

For gifting yourself an increasingly cooler feeling, you may purchase one or two buckwheat pillows. The natural air spaces within these pillows allow your body heat to escape, even when you pack these pillows within a pillow case.

Concentrate on your body temperature
How can we forget the fact that our ancestors were hale and hearty without using air conditioners? If they can, why can’t we? There are a number of ways in which we can bring down our body temperature, such as gulping in yummy iced drinks, rubbing the wrists and neck with a cold cloth, and so on. Getting your body cooled from inside is in itself a great thing to do.