Making Your Little Kitten Shine with Health and Happiness


You must be wondering why all of a sudden I am discussing about cats. Actually there’s no special reason, the simple thing is that Lucy, who always cuddles by me whenever I am in my bed or sipping a lazy cup of tea sitting in my armchair, has prompted me to write about cats. She is a pretty little kitten who has been with us for around three months now, and we all have grown quite fond of her. Kittens are really the cutest little pets on this earth and when I see my little daughter playing with Lucy, I just wonder whether she could ever have a better playmate than this cute pet.

You can indeed make your “mew” friend more than a pet. She can be a very good family member, so give her complete health and happiness. Whenever we sit in our living room watching television, we are not three, but four in the sofa, and I can’t wait to tell you how Lucy interestingly purrs as she watches “Tom and Jerry”!

Here is how we take care of Lucy, ensuring that she gets all the care a kitten needs. Love and affection are a must, and food is also a critical factor.

  • When Lucy first started staying with us, we used to give her only normal diet that was introduced by the vet we consulted. Still now we do give her that diet, but over and above that, we have included some premium quality kitten food that is low in carbohydrates but high in protein. So, once you adopt a kitten, consult a vet regarding its nutrition.
  • We have started giving Lucy some protein-rich foods such as cooked liver, boneless fish, freshly prepared egg yolk, and more. Our vet told us that such foods are very helpful for developing strong bones. Initially we used to feed Lucy in a bowl but we noticed that being small, she is unable to pick up all the food, so we shifted to a shallow plate. So, I would suggest that you should start feeding your kittens in shallow utensils, and as they grow up, you can go for other vessels.
  • Well, I am lucky that Lucy is not fussy about food. But if you find that your kitten is a fussy or a modest eater, there is nothing wrong in feeding her a number of times in a single day. You may also keep some dry kibble ready so that your kitten can munch on it whenever she feels like.
  • When it comes to water, we give Lucy nothing but clean and fresh water. Water is the only liquid that we feed her, and that’s enough. I thought of giving her some cow milk after a friend of mine told me that she feeds cow milk to her kitten, but my vet said that cow milk can lead to stomach aches and so, it’s a big no. Milk can gradually be introduced as your kitten grows up, say after six to seven months of age.

This being said, you must also immunize your kitten properly and pamper it as much as you can (there’s nothing wrong!). Your pet will definitely love you back.