My List of the Best Restaurants in London for Families


Hey guys! How about some food talk? I love cooking and eating out too, and I am sure there are many like me. London is indeed a great place for foodies and I have visited a good number of restaurants with my family. I would talk to you about some restaurants which not only serve good food but also have a wonderful family type atmosphere which would make you feel like spending some more time there. You can also conveniently visit these places with your kids.

Inamo St James
Both my husband and I felt quite hi-tech as we visited this restaurant, located near Piccadilly. My kid was literally amused as we browsed through a 3D menu placed over virtual tablecloths, in order to select the food. It is in fact an Asian fusion restaurant with a combination of Chinese, Thai and Japanese food. We mainly had Thai dishes and they were simply wonderful! Another thing that interested me about the restaurant is that they host Sushi-making classes for children aged 7 years to 16 years, who aim to become chefs. Really a cool initiative!

The Fish & Chip Shop
As the name suggests, this Islington based restaurant is a haven for those who love fish. It was a great experience for us as we munched on the delicious fish garnished with chips. The menus which are meant for kids have a special coloring, so you can easily make your selection if kids are accompanying you. My neighbors two sons simply enjoyed the after school party that this place arranges for kids below the age of 12 years, wherein milkshake, chips and fish fingers are served.

Poppy’s Place
Oh, how I loved the aroma and the heavenly taste of the hot smoked salmon! We had a wonderful brunch there two weeks ago. They are open from Tuesday evenings to Saturday evenings and also have a special kids menu for dinner, lunch as well as breakfast. The steak menus are a must try, and I just can’t forget their mouthwatering taste.

My husband, my little daughter and I went to this place on a Wednesday and you won’t believe that my kid got a free lunch. Actually this restaurant allows kids to eat totally free of cost when they accompany a paying adult. On weekdays this free offer is available till 3pm and on weekends kids can have free food till 5pm. We were lucky to reach there at 2pm! We had burgers, pork sandwiches and the delicious mac ‘n’ cheese.

Rainforest Café
Apart from the yummy food, this restaurant has a number of other attractions too, which is why I was very keen on taking my kid there. You can enjoy rain showers, lighting and thunder, waterfalls, wild animals, mist as well as real tropical fish. The restaurant also has its very own gift shop where you will find cute items to buy.

I really hope that my readers would make it to these restaurants and enjoy with their families. Eat well and stay healthy!