Getting Your Home Ready to Face the Winter Season


I love the winter season like anything! The snow, the cold temperature, the fireplace, everything brings in a kind of poetic mood in me. I know at least some of you must be having the same feeling about the winter season. But winter has its other side too. Unless you are proactive enough to get your home winter ready, you will definitely face the ‘heat of winter’. Here is my home maintenance list to secure my house from the ravages of winter.

Dealing with snow
I hate any kind of repairs in my home because they are often too expensive and irritating. So, as the winter arrives, I always make it a point to ensure that the snow is shoveled away from the foundation of my home. If snow is left like that, it will surely lead to water pooling and pave way for foundation damage and subsequent repairing nightmares.

However, if you are unable to get your moat snow-free please do not panic. There’s a way out. Try concentrating on those places where water causes the most damage. These can be anything from concrete steps to basement windows.

Simply grab a shovel and begin with your snow digging activity. Make sure to take rest in between so that you do not exert yourself too much. In case you are not capable of doing it yourself, you can always hire a professional agency.

Removing ice dams
This is yet another task that gives me a lot of tension but I always make sure that it is done properly. If you do not take care to do away with the ice dams on gutters and low-pitched roofs, you will face ample amount of problem in the spring time. You must be aware that when the dams melt in the spring, there is a lot of possibility of the roof shingles getting damaged and water entering into the very foundation of your house.

For our house, my husband and I always do preventative maintenance; that was one of the best ideas that one of our neighbors gave us. This includes setting up of de-icing cables along with shoveling away the accumulated snow. You will need around a couple of hours for installation of the cables, and the benefit that you get is indeed worth it.

Getting yard equipments and furniture winter ready
A good gas lawn mower and a patio can cost you considerably, so it would be great if you can make these things more durable.

But how do you go about it? Well, let me tell you what I do. I ensure that the furniture is wiped carefully, and then store it properly in a shed or a garage. This increases the lifespan of the furniture. If there are any objects that have to be kept outside, do not forget to wrap them with tarps.

You also need to take appropriate care of your garden equipment and keep them safe from the atrocities of the winter season. But before you store them in a safe place, check thoroughly to see that all remaining oil is drained, since in case there is any oil, it will get sludgy during the winter time. Take a leak-proof container for storing the liquid. I always take any remaining oil to the hazardous waste facility in my locality.

Replacing furnace filters
This activity is actually not meant only for the winter season; you should in fact do it periodically. The function of air filters is to collect allergens and debris, and your job is to replace these filters every three to four months, otherwise your furnace will fail to run effectively and will obviously give you a lot of trouble in the winter season.

For replacing the furnace filters, you can go through the manual for the instructions (which I always do). You may also call in a professional, but that will definitely cost you. If you are doing it yourself, check whether the filter is a non-disposable or a disposable one. You can use tap water and non-toxic soap to wash the former.

Doing away with ice and snow from external vents
Your roof can be damaged by blocked vents, and your heating and cooling setup can be a greater danger. These systems can face moisture issues if there is additional load, resulting in rot or mold in some wooden structure within the home. So, remove any snow or ice that has accumulated.