Simple Ways in Which a Woman Can Improve Her Health


Being a woman, I feel that all women should make staying healthy a priority. When it is a matter of health, women really have different needs compared to men, because definitely, how I spend by entire day as a woman will be different from how my husband spends his entire day as a man.

Contrary to what I believed previously, improving one’s health does not always require big steps. Now I am happy that I can keep myself fit and full of energy throughout the day. Just sharing some thoughts with you, hoping that they will help you too!

Maintaining a healthy diet
This is one of the first and foremost things that any lady should take care of in order to stay healthy. There was a time when I was very much a fan of fast food. It’s yummy indeed but it comes with its own bundle of woes. Gradually it started taking a toll on my health, and I had to visit a doctor. He told me to start off with a healthy diet and to eat natural foods as much as I can.

Processed foods became a big no for me and I started taking a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. I could see myself improve considerably. Now I continue being on a diet that consists of fresh vegetables, fresh foods, whole grains, lean meat, poultry and fish. The basic thing is that whatever you eat, have it fresh, and try to avoid red meat as much as possible.

I make it a point to have raw vegetables like broccoli, carrot, celery, zucchini or cucumber with less fat yogurt. You can try that too. Although it does not taste as yummy as cooked food, it’s quite healthy.

I found it very difficult to push myself to exercise daily, but now with a lot of practice (I am not an exercise type of person, but I literally forced myself to exercise on a daily basis!) I really do it. My family doctor told me that women have a lot of risk for heart disease, and so I must exercise daily.

I found exercising alone very boring, so I roped in my husband. At least, like that I have company and also some kind of motivation to stretch my body. It was just 15 minutes for me at first, because I was unable to do more; but now I exercise half an hour daily. Exercise makes my body feel lighter, and also gives me great amount of assurance that I am doing something to stay healthy.

Keeping stress at bay
You may be a grandmother, a mother or a daughter; whatever phase of your life you are in, there will always be some or the other kind of stress. However busy I am, I always keep at least 10 to 15 minutes for myself, so that I can relax and ease off my stress. Spend these 15 minutes just doing nothing and thinking nothing. Yes, nothing at all!

I know it is hard, because a lot of things will try to overflow your mind, fighting for your attention in these 15 minutes. But, be positive, throw away all these thoughts aside, and simply relax.

Take care about going out in the sun
Continuous exposure to the sun might make you less beautiful but that’s not the point I want to make here. The rays of the sun can cause skin cancer, which in fact affects a large number of women, and it so happens that the moment you realize that you have got skin cancer, it is already too late. Whenever I am going out or doing some activity that requires me to get exposed to the sun, I never forget to put on a sunscreen which comes with sun protection factor.

My friend Natalie, who is a beautician, told me that whenever I am being exposed to the sun, I should always protect myself by using a sunscreen of at least SPF 15. Friends, even if you are dedicatedly putting on a sunscreen regularly, do get a checkup done from time to time for any signs of skin cancer.

Getting examined for breast cancer
This is a must for all women, especially those who are beyond 40 years of age. My doctor told me that I should not consider a breast cancer examination as an option, but as a mandatory routine.